Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Lazy River........

 I love this place.....when i get here i know everything is going to slow down.....cruz control is on. I love to take my camera and take a million pictures and take it all in. If you have never taken a canoe or a kayak or some kind of water craft up a river, take the time and do it!!!! It will change your perspective on whatever is on your mind or heart.
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We were in our little canoe being chased by these crazy ducks...... what a quack up!!!! The water was so calm you can see the reflection in the water... very cool.
I used to sketch and thought this would inspire me to try again but no such luck so far.... who knows maybe someday ill try again???? This is one of those things that i think i'll do when i have the extra time..... Oh sometimes i crack myself up with all the day dreaming i do.


  1. It is so pretty. I think a picnic lunch there one day next week would be a great idea...before it gets to hot.