Saturday, July 23, 2011

The California coast!!!!

Ahhh The California coast in July. I could sit on the beach all day and just watch the waves.......And everything else that wanders along the beach...
 The top 2 photos I took in Big Sur, California. This was a beautiful drive too. It is something everyone should see at least once.
 I have a Love for Carmel, California. I will live there at some point in my life. Maybe i will win the lottery some day and i will buy a little cottage by the sea..... It all starts with a dream:)
 Brown Pelicans are so cool to watch cruz up the coast line. This was an amazing day the fog just kinda rolled in and the colors in the sky were so soothing to look at. All the rest of these photos were taken in Pescadero, California it's between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. Amazing!!!!!

 This was a crack up to see flying above the ocean....someone has a sense of humor!!!!
 This is our baby!!! 1972 Airstream....We have had some travels with this thing. The sun that morning was so beautiful. I was trying to capture it, so i would never forget that moment.

This is "Mint Julep" I have nick names for everything and everyone. I love my bike...It has no gears and a bell. The brakes are in the pedals. Very old school...Just the way i like it. If you haven't ridden a bike in awhile i recommend it.

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July!!!

I love the 4th of July!!! The good old Red, White and Blue.....
Here are some of my favorite Flag pictures :)
 Downtown San Francisco !!!
Very cool.
 That is a full moon in the background....Not a clear picture but it was in the perfect place.
 My front door!!! If you have read my other blogs.... I have a thing for my front door... Simple and festive:) This was an old faded flag that I have had for a very long time.... It just worked perfectly:)
I love this one...... The eagle on top looked perfect.....kinda old school.... you don't find them on new flags very often. So, tell me where you put your flags this year :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Funny Farm!!!

 This is Red Ryder: What a fun little guy. He was the first little dog we have ever had....I'm hooked!!!
Most days begin with some one in our house saying "Look at Ryder" often it is followed by laughter.
You can't get much better than that.

 This is Sweet Petunia..... She is my angel girl. If you ever get a chance to hang out with an Old English Mastiff, I recommend it!!! You will never feel so loved :)

 This is Ruger...The hunter! What an amazing dog to watch hunt. This last year I followed my husband and boys pheasant hunting and took my camera. Wow what an amazing time. I'll have to share those pictures some time. Oh and the pheasant and wild rice was delicious!!!

 This is Huckleberry Finn...... What a joy!!! He is the new baby of the bunch and growing like a weed. I could honestly say that I would never have a Lab again....Never say never. Im eating my words with this one. Everyone loves him to death....He is pretty darn adorable too.
This is our funny farm.....or until we can get the official one.... You will be seeing more of the gang, My boys say I take more pictures of the dogs than i do of anything else. Ha,ha,ha ....Not true! The dogs do love to pose....Isn't Ryder adorable:)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Picket Fence

It just says Welcome home. Come on in and stay for awhile.

 Oh, how i love a white picket fence. When i see a home with a white picket fence it makes my head turn and try to imagine the story of the house....If a house could tell a story...... If you can't tell i love a great story.
I was so excited to have my camera with me on this day. It felt like we had traveled back in time.... to a slower time. It was a perfect day. Every home was adorable!!!!

This house was so dreamy i could have sat out in front all day.......It was like a dream even the sunlight that afternoon was dream like. Some day we will have a charming one of a kind house not to big and not to small dream house.
When we left this sweet little yard this gate was saying come on back....soon....we will be here taken it easy so hurry back.....i see these pictures and it makes me smile....i hope my pictures have made you smile too:)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Lazy River........

 I love this place.....when i get here i know everything is going to slow down.....cruz control is on. I love to take my camera and take a million pictures and take it all in. If you have never taken a canoe or a kayak or some kind of water craft up a river, take the time and do it!!!! It will change your perspective on whatever is on your mind or heart.
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We were in our little canoe being chased by these crazy ducks...... what a quack up!!!! The water was so calm you can see the reflection in the water... very cool.
I used to sketch and thought this would inspire me to try again but no such luck so far.... who knows maybe someday ill try again???? This is one of those things that i think i'll do when i have the extra time..... Oh sometimes i crack myself up with all the day dreaming i do.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Dragonfly

The Dragonfly is a sweet little sign of summer and the fun to come......I love to watch them fly over the baseball park on a warm summer night. Or dip in and out of the swimming pool when the water is still and calm. It's almost time to pull out the shade umbrellas and slather on the sunscreen :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rainbows & Silver Linings

 Rainbow, is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the sun shines onto droplets of moisture......... It will also add an instant smile to your face and bring peace to your heart.

 Rainbow hunting is  great fun,  grab a camera and get out of the house and be inspired by Gods beauty!!!!!!

 Silver Lining, a metaphor for optimism......"Every cloud has a silver lining" I just love that.... saying it reminds me that no matter how strong the storm something amazing is about to happen.....I personally have to make myself be quiet so I don't miss it......I hate it when that happens:)

This was taken on a family vacation to Yellowstone, Wyoming...... Truly a trip of a lifetime:) I need to blow this one up and put it on my wall as reminder that the storm does pass......Being quiet is never a bad idea........