Saturday, July 23, 2011

The California coast!!!!

Ahhh The California coast in July. I could sit on the beach all day and just watch the waves.......And everything else that wanders along the beach...
 The top 2 photos I took in Big Sur, California. This was a beautiful drive too. It is something everyone should see at least once.
 I have a Love for Carmel, California. I will live there at some point in my life. Maybe i will win the lottery some day and i will buy a little cottage by the sea..... It all starts with a dream:)
 Brown Pelicans are so cool to watch cruz up the coast line. This was an amazing day the fog just kinda rolled in and the colors in the sky were so soothing to look at. All the rest of these photos were taken in Pescadero, California it's between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. Amazing!!!!!

 This was a crack up to see flying above the ocean....someone has a sense of humor!!!!
 This is our baby!!! 1972 Airstream....We have had some travels with this thing. The sun that morning was so beautiful. I was trying to capture it, so i would never forget that moment.

This is "Mint Julep" I have nick names for everything and everyone. I love my bike...It has no gears and a bell. The brakes are in the pedals. Very old school...Just the way i like it. If you haven't ridden a bike in awhile i recommend it.

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