Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Funny Farm!!!

 This is Red Ryder: What a fun little guy. He was the first little dog we have ever had....I'm hooked!!!
Most days begin with some one in our house saying "Look at Ryder" often it is followed by laughter.
You can't get much better than that.

 This is Sweet Petunia..... She is my angel girl. If you ever get a chance to hang out with an Old English Mastiff, I recommend it!!! You will never feel so loved :)

 This is Ruger...The hunter! What an amazing dog to watch hunt. This last year I followed my husband and boys pheasant hunting and took my camera. Wow what an amazing time. I'll have to share those pictures some time. Oh and the pheasant and wild rice was delicious!!!

 This is Huckleberry Finn...... What a joy!!! He is the new baby of the bunch and growing like a weed. I could honestly say that I would never have a Lab again....Never say never. Im eating my words with this one. Everyone loves him to death....He is pretty darn adorable too.
This is our funny farm.....or until we can get the official one.... You will be seeing more of the gang, My boys say I take more pictures of the dogs than i do of anything else. Ha,ha,ha ....Not true! The dogs do love to pose....Isn't Ryder adorable:)

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